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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Does filing for bankruptcy mean that I will lose everything I own?

A: NO! Federal and State laws describe the amount of property you are able to protect and keep. Your home is provided with the most protection. Additionally laws allow you to protect retirement accounts and pensions, vehicles, home furnishings, clothing, jewelry, life insurance, business assets and more. Depending on where you have lived in the past 3 years the laws may be Minnesota, Wisconsin or any other state where you resided. Piletich and Skokan attorneys have over a decade of experience helping clients protect assets!

Q: Will I have to go to court?

A: YES. Filing for bankruptcy requires that you attend a meeting with the trustee. Your time in bankruptcy court  is limited to a short hearing to verify your identity and social security number and to answer questions under oath regarding the information you provided about your debts, assets, income and expenses.  Our attorneys have attended thousands of meetings like yours and will be there to help you through this stressful time.  Some of our competitors send a substitute attorney because it’s too far for them to travel or they have more important things to do – Piletich and Skokan attorneys will be in court with you and with you every step of the way.

Q: Do I have to take off from work to meet with an attorney?

A: NO! Our attorneys understand that you have a job and a family and a lot to do every day. Our attorneys are available to meet with you during regular hours, evening hours, and even weekends. We have been doing so for years! So don’t take a day off to meet with an attorney – Call Piletich and Skokan to schedule an appointment at a time convenient to you!

 Q: Do I have to drive to your office?

A: NO! We have offices in Stillwater,  Minnesota and New Richmond, Wisconsin. If these locations are not convenient we will come to you. Our attorneys regularly drive to meet with clients. We have been doing so for years! From Webster, Minong, Spooner and Hayward in the north, to Barron, Rice Lake, Ladysmith, Radisson, and Bruce in the east, to as far west as Minneapolis, and St. Cloud and south as far as River Falls, Prescott, and Ellsworth and Rochester Minnesota. Piletich and Skokan believe in making this process easier for you!

Q: Is this scary? I am scared.

A: NO! One of the most common comments we hear about bankruptcy is that it makes people scared about what will happen. We take this comment seriously. We understand that you have questions and it is scary to contemplate filing for bankruptcy. It’s easy to tell clients that it is not scary, but what convinces most people are not empty reassurances but good information.  By explaining the process clients will go through, answering questions that clients have, and describing the laws that protect assets and allow the discharge of debt – that is the only way to build trust and overcome the fear that many clients have about bankruptcy. At Piletich and Skokan we pride ourselves on providing friendly helpful legal services!