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Did you know your bankruptcy can be successfully discharged without the need for you to leave your home during the COVID-19 crisis?

Contact us today to learn more.
Call 715-246-9331 (WI) or 651-351-1975 (MN)

US Bankruptcy Courts remain open during this time of COVID-19; making allowances to file electronically and to hold hearings by telephone.

Your bankruptcy can be successfully completed without the need for you to leave your home during the crisis. Please call us and let us help you 715-246-9331 or 651-351-1975.

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  • You were awesome! Thank you for everything you did for me. ~ M.F.
  • Thank you so much for your quick response. We had plans to start tackling all three credit bureaus to dispute it. You saved us so much time. ~K.B.
  • 5
    I do want to thank you for the time you spent in on our case, and the added travel time. Making the decision to file for bankruptcy protection was hard for us, but you made the process easy, understandable, and showed us step-by-step what was going on. We couldn't have asked for a better attorney to work the process for us.  ~ D. F.
  • 5
    I received notification of our discharge in the mail today.  We appreciate all of your help in getting our case completed, and I definitely think everything worked out well.  While I wouldn't want to go through the process again, you certainly made it seem not so bad.  Thanks so much for taking care of this for us! ~ J.A.
  • Joe, Thank you for dealing with the extra headaches for my case.  Thanks!! ~ B
  • Joe, Thank you for everything you have done and are doing to make this bankruptcy go as smooth as possible for me. ~ B.L.
  • 5
    Urosh, It is very difficult to explain the impact your help has had in my life. You have helped to transform my life from one plagued by phenomenal stress – stress that complicated and protracted my recovery from my illness – to one that is now manageable. Thank you – you are doing very important work, helping a lot of deserving people. Best Wishes you to you.  ~ R.E.
  • 5
    Urosh, Thank you for you help + all time you’ve spent. Thank you for being so patient through all my struggles, while I attempted to work through everything. You have been great! I’ll bring a pile of your cards and mention how good you’ve been to everyone! Thank you ~ B and A
  • 5
    Dear Mr. Skokan, Your kindness in helping me was so appreciated. First, I was shocked to reach you so late in the evening (I am certain you must have expected someone else calling) but you treated me with respect and kindness which I cant thank  you enough for. You helped me succeed. I intend to rebuild my life and help others. ~J
  • 5
    Joseph, Thank you for helping me in my fresh start process. ~ H.
  • Urosh, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the last couple months I really appreciated your help and support through what could have been a bad experience for me and my family. God Bless you and Thank you again.  ~M
  • Urosh and Joe, Thanks for assisting my clients over the phone and being so willing to answer questions. I do recommend your services to anyone looking to file outside Rochester area. Any chance you’ll open an office here? Have a good week. ~  A.
  • Urosh, I can not ever begin to express how you have affected our lives and what that means to all of us. With the greatest of respect and appreciation.  ~ G.,  S., and the entire Family Our Thanks-
  • Urosh, Hope this finds you and your family well. Thank you for helping me  ~  J. A.
  • Urosh, Thank you so much for all your help via the phone – you’re such a sweetie. All Best to you + yours ~ L.
  • Urosh, I want to thank you for all your help with all the little matters that keep coming up. I know many of these things keep dragging on but I do appreciate all you do for me. Your talking to Chrysler Financial helped – they fed-x’d the info I was looking for the next day. Thank you. You do make a difference.  ~S.
  • Urosh, Thank you for all that you have done for us – We truly appreciate your hard work. ~S. and P.

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